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Behind The Scenes: Santorini Bliss
Wednesday, October 16, 2013 || 11:49 PM

Bringing to you another behind the scenes post for our upcoming collection, Santorini Bliss and sneak peeks of pieces you can wear to paradise!

We were really excited about the location, because the photos of the place looked really good! So we headed to Blu Kouzina - a Greek restaurant located along Bukit Timah road, armed with outfits fits for a Grecian holiday. Hope you enjoy the blue and white theme, the decor and the ambience of the restaurant as much as we did.

Our photographer - Jing Xuan is back to shoot for us this week!

Loving the cut-out back of our manufactured Athena Pleated Dress!

Dress comes in a unique powder blue too and quality polyester cotton. We love how the pleats and fit-flare cut also flatter the waist nicely.

Who could do without florals for a paradise destinaton? Pair it with our Neon Yellow Box Flap Sling Bag for a striking contrast.

Putting a twist to our basic manufactured chiffon top with a contrast trip and cut-out front detail. 

 haha, Serene changing into her killer-heels!

That's a wrap! Be sure to stay tune to Santorini Bliss coming to you this week! On another note, we're already feeling psyched for our next shoot because it's gonna be quite fun! It's picnic-themed and we're shooting it right here in our own studio! Till then, have a lovely week ahead.


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Meet our new face!
Thursday, October 10, 2013 || 3:33 AM

For our latest collection 'Alley Secrets', we have Fee - MMTP's new face, and Serene who took on the hat of being the photographer of the day! As it was Fee's first time modelling, there were quite a few interesting moments that happened during the shoot. I'll let the pictures do the talking so, enjoy!!

Meet Fee! It was amazing how she could keep her look despite wearing this knit pullover under the hot blazing sun.

Praying? I guess only Fee herself would know why she struck this pose..

You would definitely not want to miss our Strings Attached Dress that comes in 3 colours. For the bold, classy or feminine ladies out there, we've got you covered!

 Yup, that's how the pros do it! (:

 Lexie Ring Neck Top is back again! But this time, in abstract yellow/black.

While shooting, a dragonfly decided to join in but obviously not welcomed by Fee...

That's all we have for you for this week's behind the scenes! Be sure to check out 'Alley Secrets' collection here


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Behind the Scenes: Before Sunset
Monday, September 23, 2013 || 7:32 AM

We made a trip to the beach this week for our lookbook shoot with Jing Xuan. It was extremely tiring, but we had quite a lot of fun! I dare say that for all of us after reviewing some hilarious photos from our behind-the-scenes shots. The place was however terribly hazardous. Barely done with the first outfit, and I cut my foot grazing past some rocks. Just gonna share these photos and give a sneak peek to some of the upcoming designs as well.

We are finally launching our cut-out maxi that was first previewed at VainPot's sale event this year, and it was very well received. I wore it for the event, and then went for Dirty Dancing. When I returned to the shop in the evening, I actually served a customer who had seen me in it at the musical and of all coincidences, she chanced upon VainPot and was pleasantly surprised to find the maxi retailing! I kept the Burgundy one. Thought that colour upped the classiness level by notches. Do check out our preview on Facebook for more pictures. We didn't have any of the Burgundy on our camera because poor Yijun had cut her foot on a rock (yes, she too! Told you the place was hazardous) towards the end of our shoot. 

Besides the maxi, we also have a manufactured embroidery cut-out cotton tank. The 4 solid colours are extremely easy to match, and will look great with jeans, shorts and flare skirts. Our favourite go-to pieces for fall are knit throwovers and sweaters, so we have a couple of that this week as well.

Shedding blood for passion! 

Xuan saves us with her Looney Tunes plasters

Don't judge! The tent was too warm.

My happy people!

MMTP's cute little aunty forced to carry so many things

And finally, we were rewarded with a glorious sunset♥ 


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